My Internship Journey: A Story of Growth and Gratitude

Gratitude fills my heart as I reflect upon my internship journey at FULLSPEED TECHNOLOGIES INC. What began as an unexpected opportunity evolved into a transformative learning experience, spanning both my initial 500 hours and the subsequent extension.

Exploring New Horizons

Beginning this journey last July 2023, I started on my own, stepping into the world of programming languages and technologies that were entirely new to me. At first, I felt a bit nervous about the unknown, but I decided to face it head-on. I saw it as an opportunity to learn and grow. With determination and hard work, I started to explore the world of web development, slowly building my understanding and skills. Each day was a step forward, laying the groundwork for what was to follow in the coming months.

When I first stepped into FULLSPEED TECHNOLOGIES INC. for my internship, I was met with warmth and acts of kindness. From the very beginning, the company made sure I felt welcomed and valued. Whether it was enjoying a welcome lunch with my mentor or receiving essential tools like a MacBook, these gestures showed me that I was part of a supportive community. Feeling appreciated and supported motivated me to pour my heart into my work and give my best to the company.

Forging Lifelong Connections

During my internship, I had the opportunity to connect with other interns who came from various backgrounds. Despite our differences, we shared a common love for technology, which brought us together. Through shared challenges and triumphs, we built strong friendships that extended beyond our internship duties. As a team, we stood by each other, offering support and encouragement whenever needed. We cheered each other on for every milestone we achieved, celebrating our successes together. Through these shared experiences, our bond grew stronger, and we became more than just colleagues – we became friends. Teaming up with my peers was more than just working together; it was about helping and learning from each other. They had different skills and knowledge, which helped me when I was unsure about something. We tackled problems together, using our strengths to get through them and achieve what we set out to do.

Team Building Adventures

My internship experience was enriched not only by traditional team-building activities but also by virtual sessions that brought us together in unique ways. While our monthly gatherings included activities like dining out or trying out unconventional adventures like bouldering, we also had virtual team-building sessions where we engaged in simple browser-based or mobile games.

These virtual activities provided a vibrant aspect to my internship. While I couldn’t physically be with others, these virtual sessions allowed me to connect, laugh, and bond with the team. Whether we were playing mobile games like Among Us, web-based first-person shooter games, or enjoying card games. These experiences not only added excitement to my internship but also fostered a sense of belonging and unity within the team, making my time here truly memorable.

A Comfortable Environment for Learning

During my internship, I found the atmosphere to be calm and perfect for learning. It gave me the freedom to try out new things without feeling stressed. Without too much pressure, I felt encouraged to be creative and try different approaches.

In this supportive space, I had the chance to build up my creativity and resilience. With less stress, I could face challenges with confidence and determination. This environment helped me take on new tasks and projects, helping me grow and learn more about myself.

Journey Continues: Extending My Internship

After completing my initial 500 hours of internship, I expressed my eagerness to continue learning and contributing to FULLSPEED TECHNOLOGIES INC. Fortunately, my request for an extension was approved, marking the beginning of a new chapter in my internship journey.

Embracing Teamwork and Mentorship

Becoming part of the StandAlone team was a big step forward for me in my extended internship. Here, I worked with both mobile and web developers, guided by my experienced seniors. They helped me dive deep into web development, especially focusing on NextJS with TypeScript.

Their mentorship played a pivotal role in shaping my journey throughout the internship. Understanding my unfamiliarity with the technology stack, my seniors crafted a study plan for me. This plan was like a roadmap, guiding me through the basics and preparing me for the challenges ahead.

With their guidance, I dove into learning the ins and outs of web development using NextJS with TypeScript, along with integrating Firebase Cloud Firestore. They patiently answered my questions, clarified concepts, and provided valuable insights every step of the way. Every pull request review was a learning opportunity, with their comments offering not only guidance but also encouragement. Their insightful and informative comments motivated me to go deeper into the codebase and explore different approaches.

Their help made me feel confident enough to tackle real tasks. After studying hard for two weeks, I was surprised at how much I had learned. I even used what I learned to make an online multiplayer board game. It was the result of my study plan, and it wasn’t easy, but it felt great to finish it. I also deployed the game to Firebase Hosting, which was a challenge, but it was satisfying.

Their encouragement during pull request reviews kept me going. It was nice to know they believed in me and my abilities. Our team’s tech lead, Sir Jason, even let everyone else on the team know that I finished my study plan and showed them the game I made. I was proud of myself for what I accomplished.

Stepping into Real-world Project

After completing my study plan, I transitioned to working on real projects like the ManagerWebApp. It was a big change, but I was eager to apply what I had learned. Starting with my first task, I felt a mix of excitement and nerves, but having Sir Dale and Sir Jason’s support helped. As I worked on the project and sent in my changes for review, I gained more confidence in my abilities. It was a valuable experience, moving from learning to contributing to a real project alongside a supportive team.

Learning and Growing Through Real Project

Working on a real project was a significant learning curve for me. It provided me with valuable insights into various aspects of software development beyond just writing code.

One aspect I gained a deeper understanding of was the importance of naming conventions. I learned how to properly name variables, files, and folders to make the codebase more readable and maintainable. This attention to detail helped me organize directories more effectively, making it easier to locate specific files and components.

Additionally, I delved into the world of version control with Git. While working on the project, I encountered situations where different branches had conflicting changes to the same file. Learning how to resolve these merge conflicts and ensure smooth integration of changes was a valuable skill that I acquired through practical experience.

Moreover, I learned the significance of clear and concise pull request descriptions. Crafting informative descriptions not only helped my teammates understand the changes I was proposing but also contributed to better collaboration and code review processes. We even have a PR template for this, which is very helpful.

Furthermore, working on the project exposed me to the coding standards and best practices associated with Next.js and TypeScript. Understanding and following these standards not only improved the quality of my code but also facilitated seamless collaboration within the team.

Overall, the real-world experience gained from working on the project expanded my skill set and provided me with invaluable insights into professional software development practices. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow in such a supportive environment.

Learning to Clarify and Verify

Throughout my internship journey, I encountered moments where I felt unsure or confused about certain tasks. These instances served as valuable lessons in the significance of seeking clarification and verification from those with more experience. Rather than allowing confusion to hinder my progress, I learned to embrace it as an opportunity to engage with my mentors and peers.

By simply asking questions, I learned a ton from my seniors. Their advice and experience made my work much better. Plus, as I kept asking for help, I noticed my work getting more accurate and efficient. Talking openly and working together with my colleagues didn’t just make me better at the technical stuff but also taught me how to deal with challenges in a smart way.

Asking for help and getting clear answers helped me grow during my internship. By listening to what my mentors and peers had to say, I learned a lot and got better at what I was doing. It taught me to keep learning and trying to improve all the time.

A Heartfelt Thank You

Looking back on my internship, I can’t help but feel incredibly thankful for the amazing learning opportunities and supportive atmosphere at FULLSPEED TECHNOLOGIES INC. This experience didn’t just teach me technical skills; it also helped me grow as a person, making me more confident, adaptable, and better at communicating.

I want to express my deepest gratitude to Sir Ardie, who has been more than just a manager to me, he’s been a mentor and a friend. His guidance and support have had a profound impact on both my professional and personal growth during my time at FULLSPEED TECHNOLOGIES INC. I am truly thankful for the countless lessons he imparted, not only in technical matters but also in shaping me into a better person.

I also want to extend my heartfelt appreciation to Sir Jason and Sir Dale, as well as the entire StandAlone Team, for their continuous support, mentorship, and encouragement. Their guidance has been invaluable in helping me navigate through challenges, grow professionally, and excel in my role.

And to the entire team at FULLSPEED TECHNOLOGIES INC., I am grateful for creating such a welcoming and nurturing environment. Your collective efforts have made my internship experience truly enriching and unforgettable.

Arigatou Gozaimasu!